• APR Stage I & 2 MK7.5 ECU software and DQ250 TCU transmission tuning software now available for the 2018 Volkswagen GTI

    Volkswagen gave the MKVII GTI a minor facelift for 2018 and APR already has the car covered with engine tuning software as well as transmission tuning software. APR has Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes available alongside TCU software.

    Let's look at the Stage I ECU tune gains over stock:

    And Stage II:

    You can run race gas of course as well for more power:

    TCU tuning is increasingly more important with more and more dual clutch transmissions out there.

    APR's DQ250 dual clutch tuning software promises the following:

    • Faster Acceleration
      Increased clamping pressure, optimized shift points, and better launch control all result in faster acceleration.
    • Quicker Shifts
      Increased clamping pressure and optimized shift times results in a faster shift under various scenarios.
    • Optimized Shift Points
      Drive mode is optimized for fuel economy while sport mode is optimized for faster acceleration with APR’s various hardware and software upgrades.
    • Increased Clutch Clamping Pressure
      Increased clutch clamping pressure beyond factory torque levels to support higher output.
    • Smoother Daily Driving
      Optimized part throttle / daily driving shift maps to provide a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.
    • User Definable 3-step Launch Control
      Launch control is enabled on all models, with ESP on or ESP off. Three user defined launch control RPMs are set at the time of install. Launch control response is also optimized for faster engagement and stronger take-off.
    • User Definable Manual Mode
      The automatic manual mode upshift and kick-down switch downshift can be enabled or disabled at the time of install.
    • Raised Torque Limiters
      Non-physical transmission torque limits are raised to allow for higher output while retaining critical protection limits.
    • Downshift Lockout Optimized
      Manual downshifts are permissible in all gears so long as the next gear is below redline.
    • Temperature Management Optimized
      Allows for limited torque during over-temp conditions vs total immovability.
    • Gear Display Activated
      Shows the current gear in the factory multi functional display in both drive and sport mode.
    • DirectPort Programming
      The TCU Upgrade installs in minutes without opening the TCU and can be uninstalled at any time.

    Pretty much a no-brainer, right?

    Product pages below:

    ECU software:
    TCU software:

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