• APR launches crate engine program with built MQB 2.0T EA888 short and long block motors

      This is the type of thing that elevates a tuner to another level. Tuning Volkswagens and Audi's is one thing. Offering off the shelf crate motors is something else entirely. These are the resources and reach available to APR.

      What do you get? Well, APR's tried and tested built 2.0T engine that will take whatever you throw at it. It is assembled of course and includes upgraded rods, pistons, head studs, main bearings, timing equipment, and associated hardware.

      Here is a good overview:

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      The APR Crate Engine comes in two forms: Our long block assembly, which is from the cylinder head down to the oil pan, and our short block, which is just the engine block with internals. The short block requires final assembly and timing whereas the long block is ready to drop in after installing your accessories. Each setup is fully disassembled and checked for damage before being hot jet washed and fully inspected. The entire assembly is balanced and blueprinted for repeatable results from engine to engine. All cleaning, machining, assembly, balancing and parts finishing takes place in-house.

      The short block assembly begins with a freshly cleaned and inspected block. The block is checked for flatness, and decked if out of tolerance. Next, we use oversized pistons, which slightly increase the displacement of the engine from 1984cc to 2008cc. The block is overbored and honed using a torque plate to ensure the cylinder is completely straight and round with our proprietary cross hatch and cylinder finish. This helps to ensure an excellent ring seal for maximum performance. The main bearing bores then undergo a line-honing process to ensure the main bearing bores are in line with each other and round with proper housing bore dimensions. Lastly, the crankshaft is balanced, journals are polished, and tolerances are checked.

      We precision hone and balance the rods, check tolerances, and mate them to our oversized forged pistons. Ring gaps are measured and ground to tight tolerances, and installed on the piston. Main bearing clearances are checked, piston oil squirters are installed, and the crank shaft is lowered into place with main caps torqued to spec using new bolts. The rods and pistons drop in, and the rod bolts are measured and stretched to ensure proper bolt load. Each piston is brought to top dead center, and checked for proper piston-to-deck height. Lastly, the balance shafts are installed along with their associated chains, tensioners and guides to complete the short block assembly.

      To make the engine a long block, we move onto a freshly cleaned and inspected cylinder head. All components are removed and the valve guides are inspected and replaced if necessary. The head is checked for flatness, and decked if out of tolerance. The valve seats undergo a complete multi-angle competition valve job to properly profile the seats for the upgraded valves. Next, the cams are checked on a cam doctor to inspect for lobe alignment issues. The valves are installed with new valve guide seals, and the valve tips are checked to ensure proper installed heights. We install upgraded valve spring seats, valve springs, valve spring retainers and finish with the valve spring keepers.

      New head studs are installed in the block with a new OEM MLS style head gasket, and the cylinder head is lowered into place before torquing the head studs to spec. The rockers are installed, along with the cams, and then the main timing chain, tensioner and guides are installed and the system is properly timed. From here the remaining components, such as the cam shaft adjusters, oil pump and chain, oil pan, new rear main seal, and new lower timing cover and upper timing cover are all installed with each bolt properly torqued to spec. We then check for timing for proper top dead center, perform a full leak down test, and finally vacuum test the cooling system for leaks. The completed long block is then serialized and packed in a secure and reusable APR shipping crate for delivery.
      Speaking to @Arin@APR BoostAddict was told that the engine will take whatever you can throw at it from the APR catalog. One would likely have to push 800+ horsepower to even begin to explore the hardware limits.

      What does all this cost? Well, a short block starts at $3999.99 and there is a core charge of $1999.99. A fully built long block runs $6499.99 and the core charge depends on the model.

      Simply more great products from APR and the crate engine program will likely expand from here.

      Full details on the product page:

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        BPCMotorsports -
        wow thats cheap. Impressive build too Click here to enlarge
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        Bowser330 -
        I wish more companies would make standard offerings like this. What does it cost to do a fully built drop in long block? $6,500 Done.

        With a built motor, IMS ran mid 9's in a four door Golf R!
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Bowser330 Click here to enlarge
        I wish more companies would make standard offerings like this. What does it cost to do a fully built drop in long block? $6,500 Done.
        Others can't do this. APR can literally stock dozens upon dozens of longblocks on the shelves and ship them out as cores come in.

        Who else has those kind of resources? In the German tuning world at least?