• Volkswagen gives the go-ahead for a Bentley SUV - The Bentley "Falcon" is coming

    There was a time when the idea of a Porsche SUV was met with snorts of derision as if it was beneath the company somehow. That discussion and debate is long over and luxury sport utilities are not only here to stay but often the best selling models a brand has to offer. So Bentley wants to get in on the luxury sport utility mix and the Volkswagen board has finished debating the issue. The Bentley SUV has the green light, it's coming.

    The Bentley SUV is known internally as "Falcon." Production will not be in the UK however but at a Volkswagen plant in Eastern Europe, apparently Slovakia. The powertrain will likely mirror the Continental GT which means turbocharged V8 and W12 power.

    This should not even cost VW all that much to build considering all the Bentley GT parts which can be borrowed. The question really will be the pricing. Rumors currently have it at over $200k... making this likely the most expensive factory luxury SUV on the planet.


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      Q4P -
      That is an ugly car... wow
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      Sticky -
      Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Q4P Click here to enlarge
      That is an ugly car... wow
      I think the production version will be a bit different.
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      ekis18 -
      At least it looks better than the new Range Rover
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      Flinchy -
      the rear is like a beefy .. Q + range rover (evoque?)

      rear looks like a 300c more than a conti...

      4/10 would not bang.