• 400+ hp MK8 Volkswagen Golf R axed

    This is a bummer but it seems Volkswagen fans do not want a powerful Golf R that is more expensive or at least that is the reasoning we are being told. This essentially put to bed the rumor of the Golf R topping 400 horsepower and taking the four-cylinder power crown from AMG.

    The GTI has some room to grow now along with the GTI Cup.

    Will there be a MK8 Golf R? Yes, but not some hotrod version like the Golf R400 Concept. Expect essentially what you have now in the MK7.


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      Alpina_B3_Lux -
      IMO this decision has more to do with the recently published focus of the Volkswagen brand on electric cars, and the substantial sums that are necessary to pay for the development costs of these cars. High-powered combustion engines are a hindrance to this marketing strategy rather than a bonus. I think there would have been a market for this car, in particular if they had only produced it in limited numbers.

      We will probably see this tendency also with Audi, and I fear they will discontinue the R8 for the same reasons. The recent low-budget facelift of the R8, as opposed to the full-on development the Huracan received with 4W steering and aero/suspension upgrades could already be a harbinger for that call.