• Porsche put in charge of Bentley, Bugatti, and Lamborghini

      This is interesting if you are into internal Volkswagen politics. It seems Porsche will be making decisions for several brands with the goal being tightening the purse strings. Porsche apparently intends to cut $2.3 billion per year until 2022.

      Where to start? With Bentley which apparently is losing $20k+ on each car sold. How this is happening when they are using parts from their siblings including motors and transmissions is anyone's guess.

      Audi was in charge of Lamborghini. Was as Porsche is expected to take over. Ducati Enterprises is supposed to be the holding company representing the group's interests in Italy.

      Porsche will not be able to stop the next generation Aventador from coming to fruition in 2022 as its design is too far down the line. Expect Porsche to stop any future projects unless they share platforms or are designed to squeeze every penny. This does not sound like fun for future Lamborghinis.

      It sounds like VW does not really know what it is doing with all this internal upheaval. Porsche is the most profitable car company in the world as they know how to squeeze out every last penny but that does not mean this will translate to every other VW brand.

      Either way, Porsche is gaining more control internally at VW. Hopefully this results in more enthusiast cars, not less.


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