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    Today, 03:52 PM
    Rule77, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 01:22 PM
    Hey ab98: :text-welcomewave:
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    Today, 01:14 PM
    Also the baddest 4dr platform under 100k IMO for people who care about such things. And for people who like a little more ride height the RS Q3 should also fill that slot soon.
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    Today, 01:05 PM
    LessIsMore replied to a thread For Sale: Vargas GC lite turbos NIB in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Make an offer! If someone is looking for upgraded twins, you really won't be able to beat this deal.
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    Today, 12:39 PM
    A missing chart is the wear ratings of each tire as that is a very useful metric. Certain classes only allow a certain tread wear rating like above 200 for instance.
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    Today, 11:43 AM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Polar3.
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    Today, 12:51 AM
    You obviously donít know what youíre talking about. N Korea and the US signed a non Proliferation agreement in 1994. It failed and bush and Obama have been trying to deal with the N Koreans since. Hereís a link Thatís 25 years ago when the US was negotiating with N Korea. Trump didnít start negotiations with the N Koreans heís just continuing whatís been going on for 25 years You sure donít know whatís going on. Iran and the world have been negotiating over the development of their nuclear program for the past 20 years! What are you taking about the 1953 coup? You havenít heard about Iran in the past 20 years? And Obama signed an Iranian nuclear arms deal in 2015. Another link. so the Iranians were developing nukes and Obama signed a deal to stop it. Now Trump is trying to negotiate with N Korea on their nuclear program. So both counties have nuclear programs and the US tries to limit nuclear proliferation. See the connection? There isnít any reason for DPRK to eliminate their nuclear program because itís the best protection against a US invasion. And yes, weíre protecting Korea and Japan because N Korea has a nuclear arsenal and missiles pointed at them. A war in the Pacific means the loss of millions of lives. Hereís a link to a story from ex military and ex cia analysts saying it would be catastrophic the idea that Trump is solving this crisis at all is ridiculous. Itís been on going for 25 years and weíre no closer to ending DPRKís nuclear program today then we were 10 years ago.
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    Yesterday, 11:52 PM
    Bump: 1. Sticky - PAID 2. zeenon53 - 3. Terry@BMS - PAID 4. BLKROKT 5. Toxic 335 6. newb335guy 7. open 8. happyguy123 9. open 10. open 11. open 12. open
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    Yesterday, 11:14 PM
    Hey K1W1: :text-welcomewave:
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    Yesterday, 08:42 PM
    Completely untrue. We have had decades without any speaking to North Korea. That is why Trump entering North Korea was such a big deal to begin with. So you want to call him a dictator and at the same time get him to stop his nuclear ambitions? Ok that will work. Trump treating him with respect will go a lot further than sabre rattling. It is why Trump is making more progress than anyone before him. So you assume Koreans can't take care of themselves? Or the Japanese can't? We just police the planet? Huh? It's 2019. The Soviet Union is gone. We are still employing policies from the Cold War. It's over. Time to change tactics and move on. Our 25k troops aren't responsible for stopping war. Furthermore, South Korea is rich and can handle itself. Write a fantasy novel. You're just guessing. WTF are you even talking about? The US strategy for Iran was to topple the government and install a puppet. This was done to a democratic nation we were friendly with, not an aggressive dictatorship. You have never hear of the 1953 CIA coup? The strategies for Iran and North Korea are completely different with completely different outcomes. Honestly I don't think you have any idea about what you're talking about. Trump has us closer to peace with North Korea than at any point since the cease fire. It is great to see him and Kim make progress and meet. I hope it continues and results in freedom for the people of North Korea.
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    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    negotiations between NK and the US Have been ongoing since the end of the Korean War and US diplomats have always negotiated with foreign powers but not the president. Kim wanted to be seen as a world leader and not a corrupt dictator and his public summits with the president was the one thing he held out for. What about that was not clear? His reasons for wanting to be seen on the world stage is not as important as us using it as a negotiating chip. Thatís why Trump shouldnít have met Kim. It absolutely is in our interests to make sure thereís peace between the Koreas and Japan and China in the Pacific. Thatís why we have bases there. You absolutely donít want war to break out there. After WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam and what happened in Cambodia during the Vietnam war our troops stationed there have helped keep the peace. Thatís why there are 25k soldiers there along with about 50k in Japan. If US soldiers leave Korea, that weakens S. Korea and Japan since they lose the protection of those 25k troops. It would also probably lead to Japan trying to develop their own nuclear weapons to prevent N. Korean provocation. Getting rid of Nukes in N Korea reduces the threat of nuclear weapons being used. Which is why US strategy has always been to keep them isolated (like Iran) and keep consistent pressure on the regime. There hasnít been any agreement about North Korea freezing plutonium and uranium programs, nothing about destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, nothing about allowing inspectors to return to nuclear sites etc. He hasnít gotten anything in return for a bargaining chip he gave up. Nothing has changed since NK went nuclear other than they got to meet with the US president.
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    Yesterday, 08:03 PM
    Now this is cooking! How about a Porsche 991.1 Turbo making 948 horsepower to all four wheels and tuned on the factory ecu? Also, achieving that number on the stock engine internals and the factory transmission? That is what SRM (Silly Rabbit Motorsport) hit with their SRM1000 package and their Porsche 991.1 Turbo. There are not many details on this package and what you will see is a PorscheBoost exclusive. Let's start with the graph: 948 to the wheels on a Mustang is not a joke. Keep in mind this is done on the World Motorsports Mustang which reads closer to a Dynojet. A ton of power on the factory the engine internals and the factory transmission regardless. Fuel is supplied with supplemental port injection. ID1700 injectors and the SRM brushless fuel pump upgrade. This car will be dyno'd again shortly but the current result is fantastic. More SRM1000 details to come after the next dyno session.
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    Yesterday, 07:23 PM
    RMB Motor Works focuses on the Ecoboost platforms and there is something to be said for having expertise in a certain area and not spreading yourself too thin. When it comes to Ecoboost builds, they seem to have everything available from mild to wild. A 4.2 liter stroker build certainly is on the wild side. Pictured is a Gen 1 Ecoboost 3.5 V6 being taken to 4.2 liters. What is the bore and stroke? They did not specify. The factory setup is 92.5mm bore x 88.7mm stroker making for an oversquare motor. Even if you take the stroke up to 92mm that results in 3709cc so they likely are increasing the bore a bit too here. Hopefully they share the recipe and cost soon. Either way, some monster 4.2 liter Ecoboost V6 builds are on the way.
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    Yesterday, 06:20 PM
    Spy videos usually are not too exciting but this one is being promoted simply because of the audio. Just listen to the new GT3, wow! If you are going to make an argument against axing the naturally aspirated engine the GT3 all you have to do is play this video on loud. A 500+ horsepower naturally aspirated flat-6 is rumored. As is a redline of 9500 rpm which truly would make it sing. Sure, there is not much power left to squeeze out but you have to love how Posche keeps finding horses and improving the car. Not to mention what a unique car the GT3 is in the current automotive climate.
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    Yesterday, 06:09 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum drkrolas.
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    Yesterday, 06:02 PM
    Originally Full Race priced this turbo upgrade for the BMW S55 higher but competition pushed the price down to $3999. At that price point with no core exchange this bolt in hybrid upgrade becomes more attractive to BMW F80 M3 and BMW F82 M4 owners. Features: Performance-optimized Billet compressor wheel with latest generation blade aero A direct bolt-on replacement; all connections to the vehicle utilize OE inlet and outlet to retain factory intake plumbing and exhaust routing. Manufactured with 100% brand-new OEM components Ė Not remanufactured and no core charge Ready to install out of the box, with pre-set electronic wastegate Step-Gap oil seal on Turbine side Multipad Thrust Bearing Assembly Watercooled Center Section That all sounds nice, what kind of power are we talking? 672 rwhp: Nice numbers on E85 but the supporting modifications are not stated. Definitely an option to consider.
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    Yesterday, 06:00 PM
    Anyone on this board who believes they have insight into USA/DPRK are facing cognitive dissonance. At this point in the conversation what source of data can be trusted?
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    Yesterday, 05:43 PM
    And? LOL ok so that's it, no more meetings or discussions? It's a wrap? What are you talking about? South Korea wants our troops to leave and they should take over their own security interests. It isn't in our interest to remain in Korea forever. Just like it isn't in our interest to police the Middle East. You just said fought three wars to keep peace... that doesn't make any sense. Trump is showing he isn't their enemy and willing to negotiate. He isn't just ignoring them or hoping this goes away on its own. He is making more progress than any US president. Treat them with some respect and attempt to improve the lives of everyone on the peninsula. What's your strategy? Ignore him so he screams louder and does more tests?
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