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ecpchris replied to the thread The wine cellar: What are you sipping on?.
" Had 8 bottles of Joseph Phelps Insignia, 2000 vintage, on Easter. Needed some breathing time to open but was great. Luckily it was cellared well although one of the corks disintegrated upon contact with the corkscrew "

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AdminTeam created the thread NOOOOB: 335xi07.
" Welcome 335xi07, take a look around, I think you will like what you see. "

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AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at BigM62SUCKS.
" Hey BigM62SUCKS:


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cupra replied to the thread NEW stage 3 update thread. DOC RACE delivery.
" I will not believe the day that Ive in my possession. "

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cupra replied to the thread HPFP upgrade update.
" Tony, is there any difference in updating the HPFP I sent you and that you updated? And The rail that you sent me too? Or is this something different? "

Today, 01:57 PM

xbox_fan replied to the thread Datazap Update! Interactive raw data grid, and more!.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Respect, nice of you.
Thanks btw! "

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StinkyM replied to the thread The first race to feature the Toyota TS 040, Porsche 919, and Audi R-18 E-Tron LMP1 cars has Toyota winning at the 6 Hours of Silverstone.
" I'm calling Porsche to win this years Le Mans. Let's be honest here for a second, Mazda is the only Japanese manufacturer to ever win at Le Mans. Nissan had a chance to win it with the r89 or 92 can't remember which but did not race in Le Mans that year. Porsche will tough it out against Audi and where the hell is puegot? "

Today, 01:43 PM

jdub679 replied to the thread The wine cellar: What are you sipping on?.
" Had a glass of Tercero Grenache over the weekend at Faith & Flower in LA. Don't know the vintage. First time I've had a single varietal grenache. It was very good, nice bright fruits and sturdy tannins. Reminds me of a combination of Pinot and Cab. "

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AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at rbrockman.
" rbrockman, we appreciate you taking the time to join. "

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cupra replied to the thread Calling all spec 3+ owners.
" Really improves with UCC solution?
I live in a warm climate usually (in winter to 5c and in summer to 40c) and have seen that the solution would add:
To mix 1 bottle 75W140NS and the remainder of 1 bottle of MT-90
Its correct?
Can this improve to go out in 1st gear or to remove noise is only at idle? "

Today, 12:57 PM

HRE_Wheels replied to the thread Z4 Goes HRE FF01.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
I think the E89 Z4 design doesn't get enough love.

What size are these? 19?
19x8.5F & 19x10R. "

Today, 12:50 PM

MisterEm replied to the thread Who has the strongest turbo E46 M3 on BimmerBoost?.
" Still waiting on the new leaf to turnover for Sticky... adds up to a bunch of BS and bologna at this point.

Congrats to the cars that ran, including Drew. Marcus and Kenton's cars are beastly. "

Today, 12:47 PM

AdminTeam created the thread Let's point and laugh at ACarneval.
" Welcome to a real enthusiast forum ACarneval. "

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AdminTeam created the thread r77 is now here!.
" Hey r77:


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VargasTurboTech replied to the thread LSX NITROUS CAMARO vs NISSAN GT-R & POLICE CHASE.
" Haha. Thats my test track. Spent 2 hours there last night testing the HPFP. Cops DO NOT CARE if you race there. The routinely line up and watch the races, and then after a reasonable amount of time throw a couple blips on the siren and shut it down. I commonly blow through the stop sign at 120+ at the end of runs, there has been cops parked there, they don't even look up. Its owned by the port of Oakland and is supposedly private property. The only reason the reason the cops would fuck with these guys is if they are being idiots, and were racing after they left the track. Otherwise its pretty much a free for all out there as long as your respect it. "

Today, 12:33 PM

PetroC63 replied to the thread M156 intake.
" [QUOTE=cturbos;561325]An old thread across from other MB forum.

Track Data proving the RENNtech Air Box is the real deal!

Here are all my track times from Island Dragway over the past
couple of weeks. DA as per listed on Dragtimes.com

[B]Island Dragway - October 15th 2010 - Carbonio Intake
Run 1: 12.246 @ 115.13 (DA: 909) "

Today, 12:14 PM

inlineS54B32 replied to the thread Article: So remember how the new 2015 F80 M3 was supposed to be much lighter than the E90 M3? It isn't. Curb weight measured at 3562 pounds.
Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Interesting. So where is the weight savings in the actual chassis? They are saving weight with lithium batteries and carbon ceramics? Um...
The more and more I think about this, the more it bothers me... You are right - it's ridiculous to claim a weight savings - when a large proportion of the "weight savings" is coming from a $8,000 ceramic brake option - and another coming from shit that is just bolted to the car. I mean, for the first part (brakes) - 99% of the people ordering the car are likely not tracking it/won't purchase the carbon brakes (curious what the actual % will be), so it's not even relevant. For the second part (battery), it's cool and all - but you can replace this yourself. Yes, it's "new technology" in regards to putting it on a production car, but it would be equivalent to if the old M3 had a spare tire, and they removed it - and said "look at all the weight we shaved off".

I was expecting a lot more out of this car. Yes, we knew the engine wasn't going to be an S65/S54 - or anything like this, but when they said they were focusing on weight/handling/etc. - and we see this - it really makes me question how much engineering went into this car.

It hurts me to say, but I almost want the car to suck at everything at this point - purely so the people responsible for this crap can get what's coming to them. You want to pull this shit, then go work for Hyundai.

BMW is losing it, they really are - and I hope they start to realize this very quickly, and get back to the roots of what made these cars shine. "

Today, 12:09 PM

nafoo replied to the thread LSX NITROUS CAMARO vs NISSAN GT-R & POLICE CHASE.
" Nice. I never saw the races before the police chase. "

Today, 11:58 AM

SexiPYm3 replied to the thread Who has the strongest turbo E46 M3 on BimmerBoost?.
" Why is it that its hate if someone is not praising your car? Its not like something was said to bash you. The S54 did win the event and an E92 M3 won as well. I don't understand how ppl get so emotional on this site when someone mentions certain peoples' cars. "

Today, 11:56 AM

brusk replied to the thread Calling all spec 3+ owners.
Quote Originally Posted by VargasTurboTech View Post
Man for people who are "performance minded" the expectations of a clutch that can hold a claimed 700WTQ and still have that modest of pedal feel and be as daily drivable as it is it pretty surprising. I am assuming none of you been in the performance world too long a time, going back just a few years when most all cars had a clutch cable, or no where near as efficient hydraulic clutch set up, pedal feel was literally crazy at times to hold that kind of power. The spec 3+ is like a Cadillac in my opinion. Break it in properly and sure its got touchy engagement but as far as pedal feel, I get in my 78 911 and I laugh at the effort required. I get back in the 335, the pedal effort is like pushing a feather in comparison. The tranny chatter can be annoying with the AC on. I wish we could bump the idle up a little, but that has nothing to with the clutch.
For 700 that's a good trade off. I'd say some of the biggest problems and I'm guilty are people buying the 3+ even though they will never see over 550 ft lbs due to the few reports that were out there that 2+ and 3+ were basically the same so you might as well get the 3+. I've since heard a few people say that 2+ is definitely less chattery and grippy. As for the trans noises, aren't the springs in the clutch disc supposed to have similar affects as the DMFW just with alot less travel. Any chance that softer disc springs or some sort of progressive spring would help the trans chatter? "

Today, 11:42 AM